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You will need the following ingredients to use with the bread pudding mix.

  • 2 egg yolks

  • 4 cups of milk (unless you are using fresh fruit, see below)

  • Bread (see below for suggestions)

Pan Size:

2.5 quart or 9x9 works best. 8x8 is too small, and 9x12 is too flat.


Types of Bread:

4 small hamburger buns work best for consistency of final product. French bread or croissants are great alternatives. When using French bread, use (8-9) 1" slices.  Bread should fill pan half-way.



Recommended sauce recipes are listed on back of each package. Suggested sauces are pecan-praline, simple vanilla sauce, rum sauce, and raspberry sauce.


Other Tips:

  • When adding fresh fruit or bananas, you must subtract an equal amount of milk for correct consistency.